Today in the city Tusayan 14.11.2018
Theresa May's national security meetings repeatedly cancelled after UK became 'consumed' by Brexit

Exclusive: Meetings of Theresa May's National Security Council were repeatedly put on hold because the government became "consumed" by Brexit, the prime minister's former national security adviser tel...

Elon Musk 'probably should have taken' Tesla private, early investor Tim Draper says

Elon Musk is "doing the best he can" and could have saved himself some trouble by taking Tesla private, according to early investor and Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper.

U.S., North Korea Toughen Stance Ahead of Nuclear Talks

Pyongyang says it has made enough concessions on nuclear disarmament and wants the U.S. to reciprocate, while Washington remains adamant about maintaining sanctions pressure.

Amazon's holiday toy catalog is an evil/genius way to make parents spend money

As a kid, I loved flicking through holiday toy catalogs. While Toys "R" Us catalogs may be no longer, Amazon has again taken a leaf from the brick-and-mortar world by launching its own catalog for the...

Five Questions For Neil DeGrasse Tyson's 'Playing With Science' Co-Host Gary O'Reilly

With the success of Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Emmy-nominated StarTalk TV series, other humor/science spinoffs have been launched. One is called Playing With Science.

High Costs, Headaches, and Hidden Money Pits of Healthcare Combated by Blockchain

High costs for treatments and medications, clunky administrative processes, and poor coordination of care are three major causes for alarm in the healthcare industry. One long-time industry profession...

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